About us


Welcome to the Essex Advanced Motorcyclists' Group. We are an established motorcycle training Group that was formed in 1982. Our aim is to meet the needs of motorcyclists throughout the whole of Essex, to develop riding skills and safety and also to provide opportunities for like-minded riders to socialise and enjoy their motorcycling.

The Group was originally formed as an IAM motorcycle Group but became independent in 2005 in order to provide the best value and quality training. EAMG Ltd is run entirely by unpaid volunteers so every penny of the membership fee is invested in training EAMG members. Our training team is passionate about motorcycling, promoting road safety and providing training for Members to achieve, maintain and progress beyond recognised Advanced Test standards. We also believe strongly that you can have lots of fun doing it!


What we do

Our primary purpose is to promote improvement in the standard of motorcycle riding. Indeed our Group motto is 'promoting excellence in motorcycling'. This is done by one-to-one Observer training, talks, ''Roadcraft'' discussions and group training sessions. Further informal training, through group or social rides helps keep riding skills of all members at a high level. We aim to train all Associate Members to the standard of the IAM , RoSPA or BMF Advanced Motorcycle Tests within 12 months or, should you so choose, at a pace convenient to you.

The Group promotes social contact at regular monthly meetings and informal rides to places of local or wider interest. Other appropriate social events are held, subject to the wishes of the membership.

We also aim to keep members informed about the Group through a bi-monthly magazine, an Annual General Meeting, via our website and by e-mail.

Benefits of membership

Unless you have already passed the IAM, BMF or RoSPA Advanced Motorcycle Test, you will join us as an Associate Member. We also admit Full, Social and Honorary Life Members. Major benefits of achieving the Advanced Test standard include greater rider skills, reduced chances of being involved in an accident and, of course, many insurers offer discounts to riders who have attained an advanced riding qualification.

Group Nights

It is likely that your first introduction to the Group will be at one of our meetings held on the first Tuesday of each month at Channels Golf Club, Little Waltham, Chelmsford. These are informal gatherings where you will be able to discuss motorcycling with other like-minded riders, all of whom share a common interest.

Guest speakers give presentations on a wide variety of motorcycling topics and there are often question and answer sessions. Some of our favoured speakers include Gary Baldwin and Stuart Mitchell of Rapid Training, Steve and Lester Harris of Harris Performance (often with Steve Parrish in attendance) and Darren Wnukowski of suspension specialists MCTechnics who can advise on machine set-up.


You will have the opportunity of unlimited training to prepare for your test. It will cover all aspects of on road riding, on all types of roads. Observer runs can last between one and four hours (or more) depending upon your arrangements. All that this will cost you is your Group membership fee and a nominal contribution towards your Observer's fuel costs. Our Observers have all qualified as IAM Observers / Senior Observers or hold the RoSPA Gold / Diploma qualification. Many hold both!


The Group publishes a free bi-monthly magazine (available to all current members) with information, articles of interest and letters. The Editor welcomes views on any topics that could be of interest to the members.

The Group website also holds downloadable copies of the Newsletters (but with pictures in colour) and contains notices of late breaking news, activities and a discussion forum. Anyone with access to e-mail can join a members' list that can also be used to keep up to date on Group activities.
Social Events and Rides

Apart from the monthly Group night, we provide regular social opportunities for Members and guests. These include a summer barbecue, Christmas dinner, dealer demonstration days and organised rides to places of interest. Social rides are a good, informal and FUN way to improve or maintain your standard of riding. Rides organised sufficiently in advance are advertised in the EAMG magazine TUG and in the Events page of this website. Other rides are arranged via our Runs and Rides forum.

Training Publications

The basis of the Group's training is the system of motorcycle control as described in the new edition of Roadcraft (Stationary Office), the Police Rider's 'bible'. As an Associate Member you will be provided with a copy of Roadcraft and the Highway Code as part of your joining package. To benefit from the training, you are recommended to read these manuals and put the theory into practice with your Observers help.


On joining the Group, we will share a commitment to improve your skills and hopefully for you to take and pass an Advanced Motorcycle Test. However, you may choose not to take any test . It is entirely your decision.

What happens next?

On joining, you will have access to all of the Group's activities. You will be asked to attend a presentation and then you will be allocated a permanent 'Observer' who will, within a short period, contact you and arrange a mutually convenient time for your first observed run. You will then begin training to achieve an advanced test pass standard.

If you are interested in joining, please come along to the next Group Night. Alternatively, you can Contact us via the form on the Contact page of this website.