John and Audrey's Ride Bourton on the Water in the Cotswolds
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Author:  John Tipper [ Fri Aug 04, 2017 2:38 pm ]
Post subject:  John and Audrey's Ride Bourton on the Water in the Cotswolds

Sunday 20th August is fast approaching so we hope you are able to join us on our Boys and Girls ride to Bourton on the Water in the Cotswolds. We’ll be meeting at 09:00 hrs at Birchanger Services, M11/A120, Junction 8, in the vicinity of Starbucks where coffee and toilets are available. It’s quieter than the main service area. This ride is open to Full Members and Associates but please be realistic. You will be riding 220 miles plus the distance from your home to Birchanger Services and back.

We plan to run two groups, Audrey leading the first and John the second. Doug Merrygold has kindly volunteered to sweep for Audrey and Stephen Green will sweep for John. Both groups will take the same route. Please make a note of Audrey and John’s mobile numbers. Audrey’s Mobile No: 07768 873377 - John’s Mobile No: 07860 773711

Our route will take us through the Woburn Deer Park, particular caution here please. We will be stopping for a coffee break at the Buckingham Garden Centre, a distance of 70 miles from Birchanger.

Parking for motorcycles is free of charge at Bourton’s, Rissington Road car park. However, the car park will be busy so please park considerately, parking as many bikes as possible within each bay. Use adjoining bays if possible. Additional spaces are available in the vicinity of the recycling bins. Toilets are available on site. Bourton Town Centre can be found approx. 400 yds LEFT when leaving the car park. We plan to depart 1½ hrs after arrival.

Fuel is available on the left as we leave Bourton TC. Fuel is also available a mile after we turn RIGHT at traffic lights to join the A429. We will also be stopping at the Buckingham Esso station on the A421, 154 miles into the ride. From here, riders living in South Essex may prefer to take the A413-A41-M25 fast route back home. Audrey and John will take the A421-A507-A10-A120 route returning to Birchanger.

If you intend to leave the group earlier than expected, inform the sweeper accordingly then make your way to the back of the group, as you approach your point of departure, to ensure other group riders don’t follow you and lose their way.

We have prepared routes, both printed and .gpx for those with sat nav, please let us know by email if you’d like copies. John’s email address can be found at the bottom of the ‘Further Training Opportunities for Full Members’ in printed copies of TUG.

Bourton on the Water will be busy, especially if it’s a sunny day but what better way to spend a Sunday than riding through the Cotswolds, including the fabulous Charlbury loop, and having lunch by the river? You can take your own lunch but there are plenty of eating stations around the green. We’re pleased to confirm the fish and chip shop in the center of the town has reopened.

In January 2017, EAMG’s Training Team introduced new Group Riding Guidelines. The full paper can be found by logging onto the Group’s website: eamg.org.uk go to the Forum > Runs, Rides and Routes > Updated Group Riding Guidelines. This is a comprehensive document that you should take time to read. You may find the following extract helpful:

Riding in a group is not about competition; it’s about riding together safely as a unit. It should be an enjoyable experience, fun and seen as a valuable skill for riders in their quest to improve their riding.

Showing off to your mates is sure to end in disaster. If you want to compete, don’t join a group ride - join a track-day!

Be honest with yourself asking:
• do I try to keep up, even when I’m riding out of my comfort zone?
• am I relieved when the riding stops or anxious when it is about to start?

Always ride within your own capabilities, if run well, the marker system ensures you won’t get lost so there should be no pressure to keep up. Ride for the group not just yourself. It is important to be aware of the differing rider abilities around you. Use your observation skills and judgment to plan manoeuvres for yourself but with other group members in mind. Ride in a staggered formation on straight roads and when waiting at traffic lights.

Ride leaders should make it clear that the rider directly behind them is ‘controlling’ their speed. If you feel uncomfortable behind the leader, simply slow down and the leader should slow down accordingly. In this way, the leader can ensure that each member of the group should have a safe and enjoyable fun day.

Please ensure you leave with a full tank of fuel.

We look forward to seeing you at Birchanger Services on Sunday 20th August for 09:00 hrs

John and Audrey

Author:  chris_johnson [ Sun Aug 20, 2017 11:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: John and Audrey's Ride Bourton on the Water in the Cotsw

I counted 22 bikes, but a couple more may have sneaked in afterwards whilst my back was turned. John gave an extremely comprehensive briefing and then we set off as two groups led by John and Audrey in the sunshine, with Geoff and Stephen as sweepers. Please note not warmth and sunshine. I cannot say much about the ride because early on I acquired a pair of slow punctures in my FRONT wheel and Geoff & I then only touched base briefly with the groups again at the Garden Centre, at Bourton, and at the Buckingham Esso. Geoff was a tower of strength throughout the ordeal. On the way back it rained, Arrived home at 9pm after 310 miles. Many thanks to all, particularly Geoff. The picture record is not as comprehensive as usual in the circumstances, but they have been posted.

Chris J.

Author:  Richard J [ Mon Aug 21, 2017 7:22 am ]
Post subject:  Re: John and Audrey's Ride Bourton on the Water in the Cotsw

Thank you John and Audrey

Great day out in spite of the rain, punctures, horse boxes, cyclists, hay wagons and gravel.

Author:  John Tipper [ Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:35 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: John and Audrey's Ride Bourton on the Water in the Cotsw

The weather forecast was accurate for a change! I planned the good weather exquisitely and knew the rain was forecast to arrive from the west in the Cotswolds at about 4 o'clock onwards and 6 o'clock in Essex. No problem I thought, wrong! I knew it would be busy in Bourton, it always is, summer holidays etc. but I hadn't planned for hundreds of cyclists on the narrow lanes between Heath and Reach and Wilmslow, many with punctures I recall. The 'very' wide horse box stuck firmly behind two cyclists meandering through Wilmslow; wide crosshatchings gave some of us the opportunity to pass into the National limit on the A413 (Gary Baldwin's favourite road). It's getting better I thought, the ride flowing very nicely then came the warning signs; 'SLOW, Loose Chipping's, 20 mph limit' but this shouldn't' have been a problem. The signs have been up for a week or two but there it was; fresh new chipping's in all their glory, pretty much all the way to Buckingham! Excellent run through the wonderful Charlbury Loop but had to park on the grass by the car park in Bourton, nearly got fined but Audrey saved the day. Problem was, these delays coupled with Chris's mystery punctures (in my experience, front tyre punctures are extremely rare) resulted in us reaching Buckingham over an hour behind schedule. We didn't arrive in Bourton until 2:35 pm! Never the less, I had planned to return via the Charlbury route (you have to do it both ways don't you?) only to find it full of tractors, one vintage, travelling at 5 mph, on coming vans in just the wrong places and meandering cars. Fortunately no cyclists! Audrey's group, on the other hand, arrived at Buckingham on schedule; well into their lunch on the green at Bourton as we arrived.
It was a real surprise to see Doug and Maz who'd taken a detour on their way home from Scotland. Doug, you really must get your sat nav fixed! The two groups met up again in Buckingham, it's now approaching 5 pm and the rain had arrived. Chris' puncture saga continued; After trying the tyre plugger, and 'liquorice', Geoff realised that he had some 'slime' that he pumped into the tyre. Air still seeping but this white liquid had successfully relined the inside of his Chris' front mudguard. We finally arrived at Birchanger at 7:30 pm, wet but still smiling. Despite the problems, it had been a good day. But where was Audrey's group? I tried to call her, got voicemail! We both have 'Life360' on our phones but this only told me she was in Buckingham, 7 hours earlier! It never ceases to amaze me that our 'gadgets' seem to let us down just when we really need them. Called again, voicemail; four times, same result. Starting to worry then she arrived, group safely returned. Some were tired so Audrey had taken a break at Baldock Services; we had unknowingly passed them.

Our sincere thanks to all those who joined us. Special thanks and compliments to the Associates and less experienced members of our groups; 220 miles on some challenging roads and inclement weather. I know some of you were tired but you are to be congratulated. We hope you all really enjoyed the day.

Author:  Dino [ Mon Aug 21, 2017 10:37 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: John and Audrey's Ride Bourton on the Water in the Cotsw

An excellent ride. Thanks to John & Audrey for organising, to the tail enders for sweeping & everyone in between for some quality riding. Thanks also to the Chris & Geoff "will it/won't it work" puncture repair duo. Good to see a variety of bikes & riders.

Author:  John Tipper [ Tue Aug 22, 2017 9:48 am ]
Post subject:  Re: John and Audrey's Ride Bourton on the Water in the Cotsw

As you all know, the Group is having problems with the web site. Unfortunately, despite several attempts, Audrey can't access the site so here's her posting:

Thanks go again to my group of lovely riders that chose to join me yesterday and sincere thanks to Stephen Green for tail ending for me. It is an extra bonus that we had radio contact and able to keep each other informed at all times how the ride was going, especially on the journey back when a rest time was suggested by Stephen to have a drink and a stretch at Baldock Services. It was great to have 4 ladies participating, 2 riding and 2 pillioning amongst the gentlemen riders. We made good progress throughout our journey to Bourton and on the return. Its good when all goes well and our sense of humour was in abundance. One of our couples left us at Bourton to meet some friends, we missed you on the return journey but it was lovely to have you with us until then. I enjoyed every moment of my time riding with you all. I did chuckle though when Richard Evans decided to come to the front of the group on a few occasions only to be dropped almost immediately as a marker. Joe, you ride your Indian well and with the leathers totally looked the part and thank you for not playing your radio/music loud. It was a long day and tiring for some especially as one of our ladies had become a mum just five months earlier so I suspect sleepless nights and long days had been the order of the day for a while. Here's to our next ride together.

Safe riding,


Author:  chris_johnson [ Tue Aug 22, 2017 3:24 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: John and Audrey's Ride Bourton on the Water in the Cotsw

A little more on the great puncture debacle. In the hope that the ordered new front tire would arrive in the afternoon I pumped up the front tire again today (home air compressor - painless) and sprayed soapy water over the tire and wheel. The two 'repaired' punctures had stopped leaking but I found a third unobtrusive blemish which did bubble. God only knows what I rode over to do the damage. Front tire probably had only about another 1500 miles on it so replacing it does not feel too bad.

Incidentally Geoff''s gunk caused the pressure in the tire to rise gradually until it peaked at a terrifying 56 psi. This gave me longer before having to top up the air again but having a rock hard front tire let you feel every little imperfection on the road surface. Not a comfortable experience.

Chris J.

Author:  Geoff Preston [ Tue Aug 22, 2017 4:07 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: John and Audrey's Ride Bourton on the Water in the Cotsw

I reckon in the scheme of things Chris you're not due another puncture until the next full eclipse. :lol:

Author:  chris_johnson [ Wed Aug 23, 2017 9:54 am ]
Post subject:  Re: John and Audrey's Ride Bourton on the Water in the Cotsw

The next total eclipse visible from the UK will be on 23rd September 2090. If I am still around, and riding, then I shall treat the puncture philosophically.

Chris J.

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