Mapsource - Big new maps - Zumo 550 - problem solved.
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Author:  Birota automataria levis [ Fri Feb 20, 2009 9:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Mapsource - Big new maps - Zumo 550 - problem solved.

I have recently updated all the Mapsource maps on my PC and Zumo 550 to City Navigator Europe NT 2009.1 and software version 6.15.3. As this all comes from a very big download from Garmin it takes a few hours, even with a good PC and decent broadband.

All was fine and hunky-dory, installed quite neatly and automatically on my PC and Zumo..... until I came to use it. Disaster! I created a basic 150 mile simple route on my PC and went down load it to my Zumo. Computer said, "No" and an error message: There is not enough space on zumo 550 (unit ID 3437851522). Please free up some free space and try again.

Bugger, as they say, how can this be? Don't say Garmin are telling Zumo 550 owners that a new mapset will fit and work, when it won't.

Lacking any better ideas I called Garmin (UK) and spoke to the lovely Leoni, who was helpfulness itself.


Maps are getting bigger and bigger and bigger, with more and more detail, particularly about the roads' speeds etc. etc. In short, lots of stuff you cannot see but Mapsource and Garmin use.

Despite saying that the new maps are suitable for a zumo 550, the disc space is critical and right on the edge of disaster.

Go into START ---> COMPUTER ---> Right click on the Garmin drive ---> PROPERTIES. It was ramjam full. Time to spring clean.

START ----> COMPUTER ---> Double left click on the Garmin drive brings up two folders. Garmin and Music. The Music folder only holds the pre-loaded songs. Delete it. The Garmin folder holds the brains of the operation and also load of preloaded toot you don't need. Go to Voice file and delete all the voices you do not need (Greek, Hebrew, Spanish etc - unless you want to wind up Doug by switching the instructions to Japanese) There are about 150 of them. Don't forget to leave a couple of English voices!

Then go to the Vehicle file. This holds the choice of silly cursor pictures. Delete all the ones you do not want. Don't forget to leave the one you do want.

This magical process clears some disc space.

Return to Mapsource and (with fingers crossed and buttocks clenched) send the route to the zumo.....BINGO! It works.

All is well.

Author:  stu2316 [ Sat Feb 21, 2009 12:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Mapsource - Big new maps - Zumo 550 - problem solved.

can you not fit a big sd card and put the maps on there? although its still a good idea to clean out all the junk stuff u don't need.

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