Jaques de Klerk


Otherwise known as ‘Jaq-Ass’, not that the chaps of the movie franchise are a patch on me.

Current Bike(s): KTM 1290 Super Adventure

Fantasy Bike: Mv Augusta Dragster RR LH44

Preferred road/area to ride in the UK and Overseas:  Scotland. Overseas, there are many. The Transalpina high mountain pass in Romania, Lysevegen road in Norway, Sani mountain pass in KwaZulu-Natal, each new adventure brings new roads, surroundings and joys to share.

Age when you first rode a bike and what bike was it: 7-8 years old. Monkey see monkey do, Mindola Dam and the slag heaps from the Copperbelt mines were my zoo, often seeing me behaving like an Ass and often finding myself on it. Those little Monkey bikes were such a blast.

Of the bikes you’ve owned to date, which was the favourite: What a choice, how could a mere mortal as I choose from the delirious gurgles and induced dribbling of the phenomenal ZZR1400s, to the growl and bark of ‘Dangermouse’, my current KTM 1290 Super Adventure. Of all my two wheeled steeds, these two bikes rank highly in generating wild screams of excitement from within; one with arm wrenching, ass clenching power delivery, the other low geared, mid-air, front wheel lifting shenanigans. Both inducing a smile from ear to ear each time I ride.

When and why did you develop an interest in riding a bike: In the far-off mists of time in the mid 1990s, youth on my side, absconding from my post whilst working on Anglo American farming concerns in deepest Zambia, I began hooning around on farmer dirt bikes to scoot between plantations, flip flops, T shirts and short shorts as body armour. Needless to say having NFCS (No F***ing Common Sense) there were many offs with a heady mix of dirt and tar rash proudly displayed and tales of great adventures in the face of adversity re-told to those around, oh how I hit the ground.

Aside family members, who would you like as a riding companion: A tough choice, as there are a good number of those I know who I’d happily travel anywhere are with, the more banter, the greater the fun of a tour. Laughter goes a long way to easing tensions when stuck with others day in, day out.

Reasons behind becoming an EAMG Observer: A bike connects all your senses to that around you and turns up the intensity dial to eleven. I now understand why dogs stick their heads out of windows, it’s the connection to all around you, much like riding my bike.
After two years of entwining myself in the parade of ducks hooning between traffic and an off, putting my bike under a car and myself under a lorry, my ego and suit of invisible armour severely dented, I enlisted in a Bikesafe day. Realising swiftly, how much was out there to learn, if only I changed my mindset. A friend drew me to EAMG and the rest is history.

The friendly atmosphere and continual willingness by both Members and Observers to continuously learn and improve, for each meter we travel, we learn, from others and from ourselves.

Scariest or most embarrassing moment on your bike: On my way riding down to Sicily, near Secondigliano Naples, the rain gods had dumped a deluge, roads were flooded and traffic horrendous. I decided to try a detour but found after a few miles or so on back roads, I was boxed in by three four-by-fours. Roughed up and had to show my passport to eight to ten bruisers. They took my passport to an old guy in one of the properties nearby, then came back, smiled and let me go. Turns out I’d stumbled into the most crime ridden area for drugs in Italy!



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