RoSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders provides advanced training


  1. Take steps to manage the scene to ensure your safety and the safety of others;
  2. Administer any necessary First Aid;
  3. Call the emergency services and ensure that the police attend if there are any injuries;
  4. PRESERVE THE EVIDENCE i.e. take photos/video of the scene or get others to do so;
  5. Retain and/or lock any journey data held by you or others on sat nav/mobile phone;
  6. Retain and/or lock any helmet or on-bike cam footage held by you or others;
  7. Record the whereabouts of any nearby roadside cameras;
  8. Try to avoid disturbing the accident scene;
  9. Record the accident location by reference to street name, landmarks, GPS co-ordinates, etc;
  10. Record the names, addresses and telephone numbers of any witnesses.

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