AGT/FTFM Training Sunday 12th June, 2022

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AGT/FTFM Training Sunday 12th June, 2022

Post by Mick Hewitt » Tue May 17, 2022 2:43 pm

Hi all.
Just a reminder that the AGT (Associate Group Training) for associates and FTFM Members signed up (Further Training Full Member), is on Sunday 12th June. We look forward to seeing you.

All full members are welcome to come along to meet and go for a social ride after Roadcraft talk.

AGT's give you the opportunity to experience a different Observer for the day and meet with others in the group. There will be a short Roadcraft talk prior to allocations.

NOTE: Please ensure your motorcycle has a full tank of fuel, is fully legal for insurance, tax and MOT (if applicable) - no need to produce documents if you signed the disclaimer. And equally important that your machine has been POWER checked - pre-ride checks will be carried out by the Observer on the day. If any safety issues found then the observed ride could be cancelled.
PETROL - full tank for journey.
OIL - check engine/brake fluid levels. Also look for oil leaks.
WATER - check coolant level.
ELECTRICS - check all lights operate / horn / warning lights.
RUBBER - check TYRE pressures as advised in your manual. Check tread depth - law says 1mm (on wear tab) around the whole circumference. Note: plan to change before this as the braking/grip levels reduce drastically as the tyre reaches the minimum legal requirement.
STEERING - check no fouling of cables side to side.
BRAKES - Check pads for wear, or ask your observer if your unsure.
EQUIPMENT - check box/panniers secure and no straps hanging.
SUSPENSION - check the legs for leaks - look for oil film near seals. Visual check on rear.
TRANSMISSION - engine oil also lubricates gearbox - in nearly all cases. CHECK YOUR CHAIN - IT MUST BE LUBRICATED AND ADJUSTED CORRECTLY AND ALSO FIT FOR PURPOSE. Any doubts visit your bike shop or ask an observer.

Address: Beryl Platt Centre(formerly Longmeads House) , 12-14 Redwood Drive, Writtle, Chelmsford. CM1 3LY. Ride round the back to the left of the old building.
Time: Arrive 09:00 - Start: 09:30.
Note: If you've recently joined and not received your Roadcraft and Highway code, please let me know and I'll bring along. Or any questions?
Mick Hewitt 07762 889408

There's a charge of £10 for each participant towards payment for the venue etc. NO payment for the Observer for AGT training.
No need to book, just turn up on the day.
Please re-join for 2022.

The Training Team
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